A Workshop on

Program: Mo-WS16 - October 1, 2018


Introduction by organizers

Samer Mohammed, Nicola Vitiello, Juan C. Moreno, Conor J. Walsh

Session 1: Enabling technologies for light-weight wearable robots


Invited talk #1:
The Cybathlon: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges

Robert Riener, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland


Invited talk #2:
Hybrid (de)centralised control of (wearable) exoskeletons

Herman van der Kooij, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands


Invited talk #3:
HuMan – HUman MANufacturing: Challenges and trends of wearable robotics in industry

Lorenzo Saccares, IUVO, Italy


Teaser session 1 - contributed papers (3×5 min)

  1. Raziel Riemer and Moran Gad, “Optimization-based exoskeleton design for energy harvesting from knee motion”
  2. Hirokazu Arakawa et al., “Auxiliary Effect Verification of Power Assist Suit “AB-Wear III” for Assisting the Lower Back by Using Flat Spring Deflection”
  3. Louis J Dankovich and Sarah Bergbreiter, “Gesture Recognition via Flexible Capacitive Touch Electrodes”


Coffee Break

Session 2: Challenges and trends of wearable robotics in industry


Invited talk #4:
The methodological approach adopted by CRF for the experimentation of wearable robots in the automotive sector

Massimo Di Pardo, Centro Ricerche Fiat, Italy


Invited talk #5:
Wearable Robots for Augmentation, Assistance and Substitution of Human Motor Functions - Highlights from a COST Action

Jan Veneman, Hocoma, Switzerland


Invited talk #6:
Challenges and trends in wearable robotics industries

Freygardur Thorsteinsson, Ossür, Iceland

13:15 - 14:30

Lunch Break

Session 3: More than exoskeletons: extra-limbs and exo-suits

14:30 - 15:05

Invited talk #7:
Exoskeleton Control Methods for Enhancing the Mobility of Poorly-Ambulatory Individuals

Michael Goldfarb, School of Engineering, Vanderbilt University, USA


Invited talk #8:
MyHand: a Wearable Hand Orthosis for Stroke Patients

Matei Ciocarlie, Columbia University, USA


Invited talk #9:
Human-in-the-loop development of soft wearable robots for the home and community

Conor J. Walsh, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, USA


Teaser session 2 - contributed papers (3×5 min)

  1. Carly Thalman et al., “A Soft Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthosis for Foot Drop”
  2. Dimitrios Menychtas et al., “Upper Arm Activities of Daily Living Simulation Algorithm for Prosthesis Prescription and Training”
  3. Sangwoo Park et al., “Multimodal Intent Inferral with a Wearable Hand Orthosis”


Coffee Break

Session 4: Wearable robots with Human in the loop


Invited talk #10:
Why using robots for rehabilitation? Principles, evidence and prospects

José L. Pons, CSIC, Spain


Invited talk #11:
Progress in human-in-the-loop optimization of exoskeleton assistance

Kirby Ann Witte, Carnegie Mellon University


Invited talk #12:
Compliant actuation principles for rehabilitation and assistive robots

Dirk Lefeber, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussel, Belgium


Conclusions, future activities

Samer Mohammed, Nicola Vitiello, Juan C. Moreno, Conor J. Walsh