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-This workshop proposal is sponsored by: 
-  * The IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Bio Robotics - [[http://www.ieee-ras.org/bio-robotics|Link]]  
-  * The IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics - [[http://www.ieee-ras.org/rehabilitation-robotics|Link]] 
-{{ :wiki:cyberlegslogo.png?300|}} 
-This workshop proposal will be also the occasion to present the year-II results of the EU-FP7 research project [[http://www.cyberlegs.eu|CYBERLEGs]], which is coordinated by Dr. Nicola Vitiello. 
-The CYBERLEGs project – fully framed in the field of assistive robotics - aims at developing a novel ortho-prosthesis for helping transfemoral amputees to execute locomotion-related tasks, with minimum metabolic and cognitive effort.